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Step 7 - Running Appointments

  • ​We run "tele-sales" virtual appointments over the phone.
    Video conference can be used but is not required.
  • Our sales process is to make an initial call to client to "Set the Tele-Sale Appointment."
    The box below shows the structure/flow for the tele-sales appointment.

    (refer to Step 6 for Setting Appointments)
Tele-Sales Appointment Structure/Flow
  1. Call Client
  2. Verify Your Credentials
  3. Build Rapport
  4. Complete Needs Analysis
    (text it to your manager)
  5. Run Quotes & Present Pricing
    (based on product recommendation from your Manager)
  6. Close the Sale & Complete E-App
  • When you are on the "Tele-Sales Appointment" with your client, you will complete the Needs Analysis and then take a photo of the Needs Analysis and text the photo to your manager.
  • Your Manager will text you back a product to quote, such as "Mutual of Omaha Term Life Express".
  • You are responsible to run the quotes (refer to Step 4 for quoters).
  • You need to stay on the call with your client.​​​ Do not hang up and call your client back.
  • Presenting the Pricing: Ask your client to write down the 3 options. Provide your clients with the prices similar to the sample above called "How to Present Pricing to Client"​
Verifying your credentials with your client:
  • At the beginning of your call with your client, you need to verify your credentials.
  • TEXT your client your credentials. You can also email your credentials if client doesn't want text.​
Credentials to Text
  1. Your Insurance License (photo)
  2. Your Drivers License (photo)
  3. Insurance License Look-Up Link 
  • ​Insurance License Look-Up Link:
    • Your Department of Insurance website may have a Look-Up feature.
      Or you can use the Look-Up feature from NAIC

    • Examples of Department of ​​Insurance Look-Ups.

Needs Analysis Training
Watch the video below for training on how to complete the Needs Analysis
In-Home Presentation by Matt Gibbons​
How to use the Sales Tools by Nick Theodore
Play Video
Living Benefits video
Living Benefits Video