New Agent Orientation Call
Every Monday Night at 8 PM EST
Telephone Conference Dial-In
(667) 770-1262,,6473375
New Agent Check List
Tips before you get started:
  • Get organized with two 1" binders - One for the field and one for training
  • Get a field bag or backpack

for the
Theodore Group Convention
August 11-12 in Cleveland, OH

Ask your manager about special training on August 10th

Step 1 -Contracting

  • Licensed agents, Click Here to begin the Carrier Contracting process.

  • If you are not licensed, you can start with Step 2 below.

Step 2 - Goals & Schedule

  • Join the GroupMe App

    • This is our main ​communication tool for daily communication with agents

  • Join the Email List
    • This is the Theodore Group email list used for weekly communication
    • All agents need to sign-up for this email list
  • View our Weekly Conference Call schedule​
    • Successful agents will set the conference calls on their schedule as "boulders" and not book appointments during these times.​
  • Review your weekly schedule and income goals with your manager
  • View the links below to learn about commissions, promotions, and lead bonus

Step 3 - Get Your Bag Ready

  • In-Home Documents - Print the documents below in color and have them laminated
  • Paper Applications - Click Here to Access the Drop Box and Print Paper Applications
    • Gerber Applications and Quoting
      • Print the Gerber application by following the instructions on the Application Check List.
        Please note that this is the only application that should be printed on the Equis site.
        All other applications should be printed from the Drop Box link above.
      • Print the Gerber Rate Card
    • It is very important that you print clean and clear copies of the paper applications, and the form numbers on the bottom of the pages must be visible and clear.
    • ​All agents need to print TWO copies of all the applications on the Check List
    • Copies of each product application should be in a unique color folder for easy access
    • Text your manager a photo of your Application Check List when completed
  • Needs Analysis
    • The Needs Analysis is the main document you will use in the home to collect information about your client
    • After completing the Needs Analysis, you will take a photo of the document and text to your Manager, who will then let you know which product is the best fit for your client
    • PRO TIP: Complete a Needs Analysis on yourself and/or a family member for practice and send to your Manager
  • Appearance - View this page for how to dress for success in the field
  • Tips for completing applications - click here to view document

Step 4 - Quoters & Technology

  • Shortcuts On Your Cell Phone
    • Create a shortcut to this New Agent Training page on your phone's home page for easy access
    • For help creating shortcuts, just google "how do I create shortcuts on my phone's home screen"
    • You can also go to your cell phone retail store and get help
  • Quoters​
    • ​To access the quoting tool for each carrier, click the links below and create a shortcut on your phone's home screen for each quoter
    • Please note that the CFG quoters are apps that need to be downloaded from your app store. All other quoters are just links to website that will open in a browser.
    • Only use the links below for quoters. Do not download other apps/quoters from Equis or Carrier sites.

The quoters listed below are for NEW AGENTS

The quoters listed below are additional quoters 

New agents should NOT add these at this time.

  • Americo E-Apps (skip this section until you have a writing number from Americo)
    • Americo Sandbox - use the link below to practice writing e-apps with Americo​
    • Americo E-App - Use the link below to access the live e-app system​
  • Carrier Info - view phone numbers and links to carrier websites and e-app systems

Step 5 - Leads & Phone Scripts

  • Tips
    • Speak with your manager prior to purchasing leads and review your phone script to make minor adjustments for your area of the country
    • New agents start with Life Leads from OPT, and Mortgage Protection leads from MailCo and LeadCo.
  • OPT Lead System - OPT is the lead system used by Equis to manage the leads
    • After you have completed your Surancebay emails you will automatically have access to OPT
      • If you have any issues accessing OPT, use the chat on the Equis Agent Dashboard.
    • Do not pay for OPT. You should only use the FREE version.
    • OPT is accessed from the main left side navigation on the Equis Dashboard
    • Click Here to view a tutorial video on how to use OPT.
  • MailPRO - NEW AGENTS DO NOT PURCHASE MailPRO Leads from the Equis Dashboard.​
  • MailCo  - MailCo is a third-party lead vendor that we use for Mortgage Protection leads
    • Create an account with MailCo and provide the following information when setting up your account:
      • Agency Name: "Equis"
      • Group Name: "Theodore Group"
  •  Sample Leads - print copies of the sample leads for review
  • Attend the New Agent Dial Training on Saturday at 10 AM EST.
    • View the ZOOM info on our Conference Call page for this training session.
  • Tracking Your Activity
    • Text a copy of the Dialing Tracker to your manager after each dial session
    • Text a copy of the Weekly Activity Summary to your Manager at the end of each week

Step 6 - In-Home Presentation

  • In-Home Presentation by Matt Gibbons​
  • How to use the In-Home Documents by Nick Theodore's
Play Video
  • View the Living Benefits video below and save to your computer to show clients.​
    • Only show to clients who qualify for a Living Benefits policy.
Living Benefits Video

Living Benefits Video

Play Video