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Step 7 - Running Appointments

  • ​We run virtual appointments over the phone with video conference with Whereby or by tele-sales with no video. You will need a professional looking office to run Virtual appointments on video.
  • Refer to Step 3 for setting up your virtual office with Whereby for video conference.
  • Our sales process is to make an initial call to client to "Set the Virtual Appointment."
  • The box below shows the structure/flow for the Virtual Appointment.
    (refer to Step 6 for Setting Appointments)
Virtual Appointment Structure/Flow
  • You need to "get down to business" fairly quickly but you must find opportunities throughout the meeting to build rapport and get your client to like and trust you.
  1. Call Client at Scheduled Time
  2. Send Email or Text to Verify Your Credentials
  3. Explanation of Mortgage Protection with Transition to Needs Analysis 
  4. Complete the Needs Analysis
    (text it to your manager)
  5. Run Quotes & Present Pricing
    (based on product recommendation from your Manager)
  6. Close the Sale & Complete E-App
  • When you are on the "Virtual Appointment" with your client, you will complete the Needs Analysis and then take a photo of the Needs Analysis and text the photo to your manager.
  • Your Manager will text you back a product to quote, such as "Mutual of Omaha Term Life Express".
  • You are responsible to run the quotes (refer to Step 4 for quoters).
  • You need to stay on the call with your client.​​​ Do not hang up and call your client back.
  • Presenting the Pricing: Ask your client to write down the 3 options. Provide your clients with the prices similar to the sample above called "How to Present Pricing to Client"​
Verifying your credentials with your client:
  • At the beginning of your call with your client, you need to verify your credentials.
  • You can TEXT or EMAIL your client your credentials.
Credentials to Send to Client
  1. Your Insurance License (photo/image)
  2. Insurance License Look-Up Link 
    (refer to Step 3 for setting this up)
Watch the video below for training on how to complete the Needs Analysis
Equity Protection / Critical Period Sales Concept
How to use the Sales Tools by Nick Theodore