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Step 4 - Quoters & E-Apps

  • Shortcuts & Bookmarks
    • You want to have the Qu0ters listed below saved on your phone as shortcuts and on your computer's web browser as bookmarks. If you need help doing this, search google for creating shortcuts and bookmarks.
  • New Agent Carriers & E-Apps
    • All new agents will be able to start submitting business via e-apps with the following carriers:​
      • Americo, Foresters, GPM, Mutual of Omaha.
      • Most carriers' mobile quoters are separate from their e-app systems. You can run quotes without having to log into the carrier websites. The e-apps will require login to carrier's website.
  • Quoters​
    • ​To access the quoting tool for each carrier, click the links below in dark blue box.
    • If you are running In-Person appointments, make sure you create shortcuts on your phone to these quoters so you have quick access to run quotes.
    • Only use the links below for quoters. Do not download other apps/quoters from Equis or Carrier sites as they may not be the correct versions for our products.
    • Click Here to print a worksheet to practice using the Quoters.

The QUOTERS listed below are for NEW AGENTS

Additional Quoters - 
Not Required for New Agents

**Come back to this section after you have received your carrier Writing Numbers/Producer IDs**
  • Within 1-2 weeks after completing your SureLC emails you will start receiving emails from the carriers with your Writing Number/Producer ID.
    • You should write the Writing Numbers on the Carrier Contracting Checklist and save a new contact on your phone with the Carrier name and your Writing Number.​
  • Go to the Carrier Info Page using link below.
    • On this page, you will have links to the carrier's quoters (same as quoters listed above), websites and e-apps.​

Text Your Manager "Done Step 4"

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