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Virtual / Remote Selling


  • Virtual/Remote selling is very similar to in-person selling with a few differences:

    • Leads: Do not purchase "A" leads for virtual selling until you have reviewed your virtual sales results with your manager

    • Email: You will send an email to your client as the first step when on the phone

    • Video: You want to get your client on video using Whereby (do not use Zoom)

    • Appointment Setting: Book same day appointments (not 1-2 out days from your dial day)​

    • Applications: You must use e-applications (not paper), which requires that you have access to the carriers websites.

      • You can start selling virtually with Americo, Foresters, and Mutual of Omaha.

  • Email - How to send your "credentials" email to your client

    • ​When you get your client on the phone ask them for their email address so you can send them your "state credentials"

    • The subject line of your email should be "Credentials for [your name]"

    • Click here to view a sample email signature

    • The whereby link should be the last item in the signature so its easy for your client to find it when you ask them to click on it

    • Attach a PDF copy of your state license

    • You should not include anything else in your email

    • Send an email sample to your manager to view

  • Video - How to walk your client through the review of your credentials and how to get your client on video

    • Set up an account with Whereby:

    • Do not use Zoom for video

    • Watch the videos below to learn how to review credentials with client and how get your clients on video/whereby

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