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  • Tips
    • Speak with your manager prior to purchasing leads and review your phone script to make minor adjustments for your area of the country
    • New agents start with Life Leads/Mortgage Protection Leads from the Integrity Lead Center (ILC), and Mortgage Protection leads from MailCo and LeadCo.
  • OPT Lead System - OPT is the lead system used by Equis to manage the leads
    • After you have completed your Surancebay emails you will automatically have access to OPT
      • If you have any issues accessing OPT, use the chat on the Equis Agent Dashboard.
    • Do not pay for OPT. You should only use the FREE version.
    • OPT is accessed from the main left side navigation on the Equis Dashboard
    • Click Here to view a tutorial video on how to use OPT.
    • Click Here to view Equis/OPT lead pricing
  • MailPRO - NEW AGENTS **DO NOT** PURCHASE MailPRO Leads from the Equis Dashboard.​
  • MailCo  - MailCo is a third-party lead vendor that we use for Mortgage Protection leads
    • Create an account with MailCo and provide the following information when setting up your account:
      • Agency Name: "Equis"
      • Group Name: "Theodore Group"
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